We travelled a lot and tried the finest ciders in the world. Inspired by our best experiences, we created PEER. Delicate aroma, a balance between sweetness and bright acidity blended with a little bit of magic from our cider makers resulted in the creation of pear cider with our unique Patagonian touch.


We experiment, break paradigms, and do not conform to the conventional. PEER was thought of as a drink that continually renews itself to bring you new flavours. We decided to start with a pear cider, and in the future, we will continue to test your palate.


PEER was created in Patagonia, Argentina. Patagonia is amazingly vast, incredibly beautiful, unbelievably diverse. It´s a region made of superlatives. Our fruits are grown locally in the Neuquén Province. Our companion, the hare, roams free, the mountains touch the sky, and the crisp air makes our primary ingredients rise to excellence. We are full of love for our land and want to share this love with you.



4,5% Alc. Vol. / 500 c.c.

Pear Varieties: - Williams + Packhams + D’anjou

Tasting Notes - Refreshing and balanced. Smooth cider with the delicate aroma of Williams pear, and citric notes brought by green pear varieties Peckham and D'Anjou. 

Elaboration - The mix of green and ripe pears used to produce our cider makes Original PEER taste refreshing and smooth.

Perfect Serve - Serve Original PEER at 4ºC in a glass reclining it slightly so that the cider could air and the aromas could open up.

Pairings- Delicate aroma and lightness of Original PEER allow a wide range of its pairing with different dishes. Our cider can accompany the bruschettas brunch, green salads, white meats, pastas or deserts.  



PEER was created in 2007 in Alto Valle del Río Negro, the part of Patagonia famous for its horticulture. The local climate provides favourable conditions for the production of pears, apples, and other fruits. We are proud of our land, and we want it to progress. This is why we have a strong commitment to contribute to our region supporting the local suppliers and seeking to develop and involve them, spreading our desire to do things differently.


Our land has been generous to us, and we want it to prosper. Our philosophy is to do the right thing and abide by the principles of fairness and respect towards all our stakeholders: from producers and suppliers to clients. We believe that honest and collaborative relationships inevitably lead to everyone’s growth and development.


We are a team of enthusiasts, restless, curious, and courageous entrepreneurs who live PEER day by day. We seek to transcend with an ethical operation and generate social impact by integrating all members of the supply chain.


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